2017 Christmas gift


Every holiday season, Dyade puts together a gift and card for clients. We take this opportunity to voice our gratitude to our loyal clients and explore our team’s creative and collaborative potential. Rather than an object with monetary value, we express our warm wishes through an original concept to be incorporated into the client’s everyday life.


To celebrate the end of 2017, the Dyade team gave out a set of 12 unique rolls of decorative wrapping paper. Each eye-catching design was composed of figurative and abstract images and text on the theme of gift-giving. The concept of “wrapping up the year” was both a nod toward the present moment and a reminder that the paper could be used for all kinds of occasions in any season. Instead of printing a paper card, the team created a digital animation in the same colour scheme as the gift.


A unique gift that could be used creatively and an e-card showcasing the wide-ranging talents of the Dyade team.

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