Our team is engaged, dedicated and multi-talented

Our professionals are some of the best in their fields: graphic arts, digital services, linguistic services and project management. The strength of our team, combined with that of our clients, is the key to success in our projects.

Danielle Guilbault
President et co-founder

Since Dyade was launched in 1998, Danielle has wanted to provide services that meet the highest quality and customer satisfaction standards. To this day, this commitment still shapes the company culture and drives the work of our more than 20 talented experts.

At Dyade, the team is the cornerstone of our linguistic, computer graphics, design and management expertise. Each day, we combine our skills to come up with inspiring solutions. Our strength lies in our synergy: each member brings a unique perspective that enhances our products with a creativity and knowledge that makes us think outside the box.

Our commitment to excellence and detail are reflected in each project, guaranteeing results that exceed expectations. By combining strategy and innovation, we offer services tailored to all sectors and turn each challenge into a possibility.

We’re Dyade, a team united by passion and dedication. Together, we make each project a shared adventure in which your ideas come to life through our synergy.

Our values


We dare to invent, imagine and explore new perspectives, both in our creative process and in carrying out projects.


By combining the strengths of our professionals with those of our clients, we create a unique team. This dynamic is the foundation of our approach.


We explore all of the possibilities created by your projects with objectivity, honesty and transparency.

A human-scale approach

Whether it’s with our colleagues, partners or customers, we embody our values on a daily basis. We strongly believe that investing in sustainable relationships enables us to achieve efficiency that is beneficial to all stakeholders in the long term.

Dyade provides a welcoming and stimulating environment and is an inclusive workplace that embraces diversity.