Regulatory reporting

We are a recognized leader in designing and producing legal and financial documents. Our in-depth knowledge of accountability and audit requirements, accounting standards (IFRS) and legal deadlines enables us to manage the entire production process for your print and digital regulatory documents.

Public companies

Thanks to our specialized technical expertise, we’re able to produce a wide range of documents that meet all requirements:

  • Annual and quarterly reports
  • Responsible investment reports
  • Social responsibility reports
  • Activity reports

Investment funds

Our multidisciplinary team has comprehensive knowledge of the format and content of various reporting tools for mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs):

  • Management reports of fund performance (MRFPs)
  • Financial statements
  • Independent Review Committee (IRC) reports
  • Simplified prospectus and annual information forms
  • Quarterly portfolio information
  • Fund Facts

Insurance funds

We have expertise in layouts, data input, translation and revision of all financial and general information for guaranteed investment funds and segregated funds established by insurance companies:

  • Annual and interim financial statements
  • Contracts and explanatory notices
  • Fund Facts