Graphic design

We put in the time, thought and effort. Our graphic design team is equal parts creative and strategic, focusing on relevance and lasting impact as we help you meet your communications objectives and grow your brand.


We create strong brand images that make an impact, build loyalty and attract new clients across all communications platforms.

Our services:

  • Strategic positioning
  • Logos
  • Visual identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Deployment strategy
  • Stationery, gift boxes
  • Names, slogans and content
  • Infographics, icons and pictograms
  • Photo direction
  • Standing banners, booths and signage


This is the consumer’s first impression of your product. Stand out with packaging that’s attractive, striking and easy to understand.

Our services:

  • Product positioning
  • Ideation
  • Product packaging design
  • Product line design and production
  • 3D rendering
  • Press release approvals and technical support


Whether it’s a few lines or a thousand pages, the information you share needs to be laid out in a clear, accessible and easy-to-read format.

Our services:

  • Brochures
  • Posters, pamphlets
  • Newsletters, sell sheets
  • Ads (web, banners)
  • Direct marketing, promotional items
  • Financial and legal documents
  • Sourcing and retouching photos and illustrations
  • PowerPoint presentations