2020 Annual Report




Graphic design, typography analysis, graphic production, layouts, printing oversight, accessible digital document production


Dyade was commissioned to produce the most recent Annual Report of the CDPQ. Keeping in line with the previous versions, integrating the different elements of CDPQ’s brand identity was a challenge. The report had to reflect the CDPQ’s position, which is focused on “constructive capital.” Dyade also had to create an accessible PDF version of the document.


The CDPQ team and Dyade elected to highlight the visual identity by using mostly shades of green and blue in all the visual elements and by showcasing the human dimension of doing business when presenting the investments. The report emphasizes the CDPQ’s long-term outlook, strong team and sustainable value creation that benefit depositors and Québec as a whole.


The understated yet lively visual layout reflects the CDPQ’s involvement, and the report showcases its willingness to continue evolving and growing.