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Optimizing the web content creation process

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Because the digital industry moves so quickly, companies sometimes struggle to keep up with trends and best practices in content writing. That’s why they rely on agencies like ours to write the copy for their website.

Our job is to deliver high quality content, but we first of all optimize your message to catch your visitors’ attention, across all platforms. To accomplish this, we need to understand how your copy supports your brand. It may seem obvious, but to ensure the texts we produce meet your expectations, careful planning is key.

Define the tone of voice

By effectively pinpointing your audience, you can more easily decide on a tone for your website. For example, if your content is primarily aimed at businesses and senior managers, you’ll want to use a more formal style. Writing in the third person conveys your competence and experience.

On the other hand, if you’re targeting individuals or the general public, a lighter tone is more appropriate. Introducing yourself in the first person helps show that your company is relevant and accessible.

It all depends on your business objectives and market. Our copywriting team is there to shed some light on the question. To make sure the selected tone suits you, we also recommend that you review each section as soon as it’s written. You’ll know if you’ve started off on the wrong foot.

Provide reference materials

Any existing documentation you can provide will not only help our copywriters get oriented, but will also let them create consistent content that fits with the rest of your business’ communications. Whether it’s a previous version of the website, a mission statement, a list of values that shape the company culture, a promotional or sales brochure—these reference materials are full of information that will help with writing new content.

The SEO strategy and keywords defined by the specialist during the planning phase are also key resources for the copywriting team. The content writers will refer to the website structure created by the strategists to produce a final document that the translation and integration teams can use to complete their work.

Be hands on

Also make sure that the team members in charge of the services offered through your website are available to answer questions from copywriters, and that these experts have all deliverables ready by the deadline. This step helps you stay within the established time frames and facilitates communication between stakeholders.

Finally, keep in mind that your website is the showcase for your company. By getting involved at every stage of the process, you help ensure it goes smoothly, while also supporting the creative team in designing a website that expresses who you are. In other words, collaborating with your copywriting team is an investment in your brand!