2017-2018 Activity Report


Finance Montréal


Copywriting, visual creation, structuring of information, graphic production, translation


In its 2017-2018 Activity Report, Finance Montréal sought to reassert its role within Québec’s finance sector. In the two previous years, the organization had established its mission of guiding the sector through promising and inclusive initiatives. Wanting their activity report to reflect this focus, Finance Montréal commissioned Dyade to update the design template, as well as write and translate the content.


Working closely with Finance Montréal’s team, Dyade developed and wrote the report’s content. Technological transformation and collaboration between financial sector stakeholders are at the heart of Finance Montréal’s activities and initiatives. These two areas have inspired a central theme deployed throughout the document. The design template created by Dyade showcases the organization’s accomplishments and main areas of activities.


An Activity Report that reinforces Finance Montréal’s role within the financial industry.