2021 Annual Report


Public Sector Pension Investment Board


Graphic design, structuring of information, graphic production, layouts


PSP Investments’ 2021 Annual Report marked the 20th anniversary of the organization and is the result of a five-year strategic redesign. This publication provided an opportunity for PSP to celebrate its people and highlight all that they accomplished in the past year. The tone and layout of the report had to reflect the optimistic outlook in the industry.


Dyade first developed a new design template that would ensure and showcase a consistent narrative. The secondary colour palette was also brought to the forefront in all the visual and graphic elements of the Report. When combined with the rounded shape of certain features, these choices presented the financial information in a way that aligned with PSP’s business strategy.


The result is a convincing and inspiring report that reflects the new PSP Forward strategic plan by improving coherence between the narrative and the smart layout of the management report.