Atoka Cranberries, website, packaging, logo, slogan, GOLD Winner GAÏA Awards

Responsive Web Design and Packaging


Atoka Cranberries, a major Québec-based cranberry processor, wanted to update its website by making it responsive. Dyade also designed the packaging of all the company’s products distributed in most supermarkets. As part of this project, the packaging had to be adapted to various formats and flavours.


Dyade designed the packaging based on the company’s logo. The slogan “Real Red Taste” was also developed to emphasize the fruit’s virtues and authentic flavour. Dyade supervised the package printing process.

The creative synergy between our Branding and Web Design teams enabled Atoka to launch a new website tailored to various mobile platforms. As the company also wished to promote its products and drive the user experience, Dyade revamped the web content to showcase product offerings and produced relevant taglines in both official languages. The newly restructured information enabled Atoka to establish a strong identity, highlighting its product range, as well as recipe ideas designed and produced by Dyade.


A website and packaging that stand out and are prominently featured on the market.


GOLD Winner, Fruits & Vegetables category (dried and snack), GAÏA Awards
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