2017–2020 Annual Reports


Commission de la fonction publique de Montréal (CFPM)


Graphic design, graphic template production, layout, revision, translation, proofreading


The Commission de la fonction publique de Montréal (CFPM) enlisted Dyade to redesign its visual identity, with a particular emphasis on the organization’s annual report. The CFPM wanted a dynamic look for its reports to showcase the year’s highlights, objectives and business activities.


Dyade opted for a clean, sleek approach to present the “Listening, investigating, guiding” theme developed in 2017 for the CFPM’s 4-year plan. The design also reflected one of the organization’s core values: transparency. Dyade used bright colours to illustrate CFPM’s next chapter. The graphic design team underscored important data in the report with tables and pictograms.


The new visual identity was on full display in four crisp and attractive reports that perfectly aligned with the organization’s brand.