Brochure and service proposal


Groupe SL


Copywriting, visual creation, structuring of information, graphic production, translation


Groupe SL wanted marketing tools that would increase brand awareness and help them stand out in an ever-changing industry. They needed materials that not only capture their people-centric approach, but also provide clear information for current and prospective clients. The managed IT services group commissioned Dyade to design a service proposal, a brochure and a billboard that reflect both their brand identity and the current market.

Process and result

Dyade worked with Groupe SL to develop TranquilITy of mind, an over-arching theme that highlights the company’s comprehensive services. Deliverables included a flexible and cohesive graphic template, which Groupe SL can use to adjust their marketing materials as their business evolves. Dyade also drafted the accompanying text and restructured the information to reflect the company’s vision and values. With these new relevant and visually appealing documents in hand, Groupe SL now has cohesive and intuitive materials to keep the conversation going with their clients.